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Australian Frost Fans is the sister business to New Zealand Frost Fans, which manufactures the FrostBoss™ range of frost fans.

The FrostBoss™ C49 (4-blade) frost fan is the most efficient and quietest machine in its class.
Australian Frost Fans install new FrostBoss machines. They can also upgrade your existing wind machine with a FrostBoss C49 4-blade set, so you can benefit from improved performance without the cost of a whole new machine.
Upgrade or replace?
The FrostBoss C49 (4-blade) has become the best-selling frost fan in Australia and NZ. Existing 2-blade frost fans can be upgraded with C49 blades to meet new noise regulations.
Some local council noise regulations require 2-blade fans to be run well below their optimum operating speed in order to comply. This means the coverage of the fan is reduced significantly.
A new FrostBoss C49 (4-blade) machine includes several standard features including: 

  • Composite blades—designed with the correct aerodynamic pitch from the tip to the blade. This creates a uniform tube of wind speed from the fan disc, not turbulence.
  • Galvanized 10-metre tower for superior corrosion performance.
  • Perkins engine—proven, reliable mechanically controlled 6-cylinder turbocharged, boasts increased power, torque and noise reduction. The FrostBoss C49 frost fan is the most fuel efficient in its class using just 21 litres per hour.
  • Amarillo gear box—features top quality Timken brand tapered roller bearings and is based on over 75 years of industry leading gear box engineering and design experience.
  • Centrifugal clutch—the 10 inch centrifugal clutch with torsional coupling is virtually maintenance free.
  • Auto start/stop—allows the machine to start, warm up, throttle up and down, cool down and stop based on adjustable pre-set temperatures.
  • Anemometer—acts as a safety feature by preventing the machine from running in wind speeds over 8 kilometres per hour.
  • Aluminium engine enclosure—fully lockable, powder-coated, resistant to corrosion and orchard sprays.
  • Integral 500 L lockable fuel tank sits under the engine—capacity for about 24 hours running. A fuel level sensor prevents the engine from running the fuel tank dry.
  • Wireless canopy temperature probe—communicates with the controller using a radio link—no cable to the temperature probe.
  • Solar panel and voltage regulator—provides a trickle charge for extended battery life.
  • Warning strobe light mounted 6.5m up the tower—indicates if the fan has a ‘fault’ e.g. requires refueling. Can also be reported via a remote monitoring option if installed.
  • Remote monitoring option—provides access to real-time monitoring of fans via the internet, together with text alarms and historical data and graphs on temperature, run-hours and machine performance.

If you have an old 2-blade frost fan, we can provide an upgrade which will vastly improve its performance and efficiency.

Upgrade options

  • new C49 composite 4-blade system including new blade hub
  • FrostBoss auto start/stop control system.
  • an anemometer
  • remote monitoring.

An upgrade to a FrostBoss C49 4-blade set allows the engine running speed to be reduced. This makes the fan quieter and more fuel efficient whilst improving its coverage area.

Why is the FrostBoss C49 4-bladed fan better than a conventional 2-blade?
The FrostBoss C49 was developed to optimize noise reduction by using a greater blade working area and slower rotational speed than a 2-blade fan. The much higher blade passage frequency of the 4-blade fan means the noise signature no longer has a low frequency beating sound.
The C49 blade is designed to have the correct aerodynamic pitch all the way from the tip to the root of the blade. This means every section of the blade is angled correctly to produce the same wind speed, from the tip to the root. This produces a uniform wind speed across the whole fan blade—so no turbulent mixing. The result is a uniform tube of wind speed from the fan disc, where all the energy is used to produce wind speed not turbulence.
The blades are now manufactured from high-tech composites using resin transfer moulding.
Do you manufacture a 5-blade fan?
We manufacture 2, 3, 4 and 5-blade fans to suit different markets.
The FrostBoss™ C49 (4-blade) and the even quieter FrostBoss™ C59 (5-blade) fans were designed for the Australian and NZmarkets.
After-sales service & advice
Australian Frost Fans together with its sister business, service more than 2000 machines across NZ and Australia
Australian Frost Fans has service centres in Gawler, Cobram, Naracoorte, Mildura and Munduberra. They are specialists.
Australian Frost Fans are happy to provide advice including suggested fan layouts for your orchard.
They handle the whole process from consent application (where required) to site preparation and foundations, installation and servicing.
To find out more, including customer testimonials, visit our website.

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