Effective frost control: wind machines by Orchard-Rite®

Written by   Sunrise Ag


For more than four decades, Orchard-Rite has been providing the industry’s highest quality, most dependable wind machines for frost protection.

Orchard-Rite does not cut corners—their products are comprised of the finest materials, they constantly refine their processes, and employ workers who take pride in their work and stand behind what they sell.
It is for this reason that Sunrise Ag have teamed up with Orchard-Rite to provide the Australian growers greater access and support.
Orchard-Rite wind machine blades
Orchard-Rite wind machine blades are the epitome of pure, powerful, protection.
In the wind tunnel, on the test stand and in the field, the blades have proven themselves many times over as the standard by which all others are measured.
Orchard Rite’s in-house expertise is bolstered by design and testing collaboration with former aerospace engineers. Orchard-Rite proudly claim that they build the longest, strongest, toughest, most efficient wind machine blades in the world.
Blade details
Orchard-Rite blades are computer designed and precision built for frost control. They are designed for:


  • efficient use of horsepower
  • maximum lift and minimal drag
  • safe—strongly reinforced at stress points

Blades are resin transfer molded fibreglass, state of the art, and produced in-house. They have a solid fibreglass construction and are custom built using a proprietary process.
Auto start system
Growers say the Orchard-Rite’s auto-start option pays for itself in fuel savings alone.
The auto-start feature starts, warms up, throttles up and down, cools down, and shuts off the machine based on an adjustable temperature setting. The auto start system is:

  • designed specifically for frost protection
  • the most commonly purchased option
  • pioneered by Orchard-Rite in the 1990s
  • most dependable on the market
  • accurate to ±0.3C and adjustable in 2/10 of a degree increments
  • the adjustable start and stop temperature reduces fuel and labour costs.

Top & bottom gear box
Orchard-Rite's top and bottom gearboxes are built in-house.
Their ductile iron casing is six times stronger than cast iron and more flexible/less brittle. The gearboxes also use a ‘gear lube bath’ so the machine is always protected, even if the blade spins backward in the wind.
Exclusive shear–pin coupler
An exclusive feature is Orchard-Rite’s shear–pin coupler.
This is a standard feature that provides protection for the gearbox, drivelines and clutch.
Should a major breakdown occur, the affordable shear pin will be sacrificed to prevent costly damage to the main components of the wind machine.
Discover the pledge
We invite you to discover the Pure Orchard-Rite Pledge—uncompromising quality and unparalleled service before, during and after the sale.

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