Innovation boosts Tow & Blow performance

Written by   Tow and Blow

Innovation is always on the mind of the Tow & Blow team. This past six months have seen the biggest advancements yet in terms of the performance of the machine.

Tow & Blow now sports a 5 blade fan with redesigned stators. We have a higher wattage solar panel, with a battery–save provision to reduce battery drain when sitting idle with poor sunlight. All Tow & Blow machines are auto start and stop.
Improved fan performance
The new 2016 model sports newly designed stators (exit guide vanes) which are proving to have a huge effect on performance of the fan.
The purpose in these is to remove the swirl effect of the air that exits the fan. The less swirl, the greater momentum the air has and therefore the greater the distance the airflow will travel—enabling each machine to protect a greater area.
Increased fan rpm
By using a stronger belt drive system, we have been able to increase the rpm of the fan to achieve greater airflow. We are now able to run the engine at 3500 rpm as opposed to 3000 rpm on the earlier models.
The testing we have done with the new stator and new 5 blade fan at the higher rpm shows the area protected to be 5 hectares or more. This of course always depends on the severity of the frost and the shape of the block.
Quiet turbo charger
Finally, the duct (fan shroud) not only acts like a turbo charger for the fan; it greatly reduces the noise levels for the benefits of all nearby.
Evaporative coolers
All machines come standard with evaporative coolers attached for operating in the summer when you need to cool things down.

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