Monitoring hardware now included with Frost Fans

Written by   Australian Frost Fans

Australian Frost Fans is the sister business to New Zealand Frost Fans, which manufactures the FrostBoss® range of frost fans at their factory in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.
The FrostBoss® C49 (4-blade machine) is the best-selling machine in Australasia.

Web-based monitoring of frost fans is becoming more popular among large and small growers alike, and the FrostBoss™ controller has been designed with this in mind.
Remote monitoring
The remote monitoring option, known as FrostSmart™, enables growers to access real-time monitoring of fans around the world, together with text alarms and historical data and graphs on temperature, run-hours and machine performance.
The hardware required for FrostSmart™ monitoring is now included as standard with all FrostBoss® machines, which incorporate Auto Start™/Stop and wireless radio temperature probes. That means no additional hardware costs, only an annual monitoring fee to access the customer-specific data for your fans.
Additional benefits
Several other benefits differentiate the Frost Fans companies for both New Zealand and Australian growers, including:
• End-to-end service from initial mapping and machine layouts to consent applications (if required) on your behalf, supply and installation and ongoing service and monitoring of the machines
• A growing network of Service Centres with dedicated and specially equipped service trucks, which provide safe access to top gearboxes and fast, environmentally safe oil changes
• Physical stock of machines and parts at all the Service Centres, enabling shorter lead times for installation and highly responsive after-sales service and support
• Dealing directly with the manufacturer—no intermediaries.
Best frost solutions
Committed to finding the best frost mitigation solution for growers, FrostFans CEO Steve Haslett says: “All we do is frost fans, so we stake our reputation and livelihoods on it.”
Together they have a significant research and development program focused on improving the efficiency and reliability of frost fans.
The result of this research has been the development of the FrostBoss® C49 frost fan incorporating the proprietary FrostBoss® clutch, controller and C49 composite blades.
Optimal noise reduction
The FrostBoss® C49 was developed with help from former Team New Zealand aerodynamics research engineer, Richard Karn, to optimize noise reduction by using a greater blade working area and slower rotational speed than a 2-blade fan.
In addition, the much higher blade passage frequency of the 4-blade fan means the noise signature no longer has a low frequency beating sound (similar to an Iroquois helicopter).
Along with the FrostBoss® C59 (5-blade machine), the FrostBoss® C49 is the quietest machine on the market.
International installations
Marketed through its own companies in New Zealand and Australia, FrostBoss® fans are also installed in Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, France and Turkey through local distributors.
As well as supply and installation of FrostBoss® frost fans, the trans-Tasman companies service and upgrade most makes of frost fan.

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