Written by  InSense

Rain protection for cherries

Parka+™ is a cuticle supplement that has been developed for cherries and is based on Cultiva’s SureSeal technology.

The Australian distributor Russell Fox of InSense Pty Ltd launched the SureSeal technology last season as Parka+ cracking suppressant for cherries.
“We are excited to bring to Australia the range of SureSeal products including Pomcho for apples,” said Russell. “They are brilliant products because they work and because you can see the gloss and shine on the fruit.”
The SureSeal products mimic and supplement the natural fruit cuticle, with each product being developed for specific fruit types.
Since the first trials in Tasmania in 2010, SureSeal (now known as Parka+) has consistently demonstrated it can reduce rain cracking by up to 50%.
Its hydrophobic properties repel moisture from the fruit surface to minimize external water damage. The unique elasticity of Parka allows a simple two-application program giving enhanced fruit quality attributes while avoiding reactive sprays closer to harvest.
New Pomcho adds an extra layer of protection to young fruitlets from environmental stresses. Pomcho forms a food-grade, transparent and tasteless barrier that has been shown to improve fruit finish, sizing and marketable yield.
Pomcho is safe on fruit and protects the fruitlets during the first 30 days after fruit set. A program of 2 to 3 applications starting at petal fall can help boost and protect your profits.

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