Revolutionary rain protection for cherries

Written by   Russell Fox

Keep the rain out and the quality in—it only takes two applications of new Parka™ to protect your cherries from cracking.

Developed by Oregon State University for a better solution to fruit cracking, Parka is proven in seven years of testing from multiple sites in the Pacific Northwest, as well as Europe, Latin America and Australia.
Parka is a food-grade, hydrophobic bio-film that suppresses fruit cracking in the event of high moisture or rain.
By providing a protective shield against water absorption, Parka protects the integrity of the outer skin or cuticle of the cherry during the final stage of growth.
Two applications of Parka significantly reduces cracking and leads to higher marketable yields and higher income for growers.

Unique elastic properties
Compared to other products in the industry, Parka technology is the only one with elastic properties that allows the protective shield to stretch and maintain its integrity even when the crop is still growing and expanding.
All other competitive products are rigid wax-based technologies that split apart when the crop expands, thus compromising the integrity of the shield.

Superior protection starts with Parka
Food-grade, hydrophobic formulation is edible, tasteless and colourless.
Elastic properties allow the biofilm to grow with the fruit
Effective results with just two sprays per season.

Available NOW for this season
Save time. Save money. Save cherries.
Put on Parka, the best way to protect your profits.
Contact a Parka distributor for more information about Parka protection for your cherries.

Parka distributors: EE Muir, IK Caldwell, Serve-Ag
Australian distributor: Insense Pty Ltd
Contact Russell Fox phone 0407 366 526
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