USA cherry growers to benefit from proven apple technology

Written by   Ken Gaudion

According to Ken Gaudion, Aussie cherry growers will observe with great interest the future of a product called Harvista™ which was recently registered for use on cherries in the USA.

Ken says the product is a proven technology in apples and has the potential to increase yields and revenue for cherry growers.
Below is information that Ken collated about the product and would like to acknowledge as information sources, Fresh Plaza, the Agrofresh website and trial data.
AgroFresh media release
AgroFresh announced in mid-March that the label for its Harvista™ pre-harvest technology had been expanded for use on cherries at blossom time.
According to the media release, it's a proven technology that expands the harvest window for apple crops up to 21 days and is now available to enhance the potential for increased yield and revenue for cherry growers in the USA.
“Our Harvista technology has been proven for years to enhance the fruit quality and value of apple crops, as well as additional benefits such as the ability to better manage weather challenges, and increased labour efficiency,” said Darrell Riddle, AgroFresh’s Harvista Account Leader, Pacific Northwest.
“Now cherry growers will be able to benefit from Harvista with the potential for increased yield and higher revenue.”
How it works
According to the media release, when applied to cherry blossom, Harvista technology interrupts the negative impacts of ethylene and allows more flowers to develop into fruitlets, thereby enhancing yield potential and driving revenue.
Growers have reported significant impact on yield with two applications of Harvista at 10% and 50% of full bloom.
Trial work in the USA showed that Harvista sprayed on sweet cherry trees near harvest had no discernible effect on fruit removal force, but MCP-treated fruit was firmer than untreated fruit at harvest.
At Tianchu University in China, the effect of 1-MCP on the quality of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivar Hongdeng during cold storage was investigated in order to provide a theoretical basis and technical reference for the preservation of sweet cherry.
The content of total dissolved solid, vitamin C and organic acid, appearance, taste and decaying rate of the sweet cherry treated with Harvista was regularly determined.
The result showed that 1-MCP could slow down the decrease of vitamin C content, decrease the decaying rate, and maintain the colour and appearance of sweet cherry fruit well. Application of Harvista had little effect on total dissolved solid content.

Harvista is a registered trademark of Agrofresh.

See this article in Tree Fruit March 2018

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