Potential record cherry crop this season

Written by   Ken Gaudion

According to indicators from growing regions around the country, this year's cherry crop shows great potential.

It may be a record crop—possibly well over 18,000 tonnes.
Dry conditions continue in many areas, and above–average temperatures and little rain is forecast—so most orchards will rely on irrigation to grow out the crop, and fruit quality should be high.
We've learnt from past seasons that large displays of cherries of high quality can lead to increased domestic sales.
Cherry exports
On the export scene, Cherry Growers of Australia President, Tom Eastlake said that a record number of sheds have registered for export, and that the market to Vietnam has reopened.
He also said that China will be open to mainland Australia growers this season.
The export potential is ready to grow as production increases, as existing markets expand, and as new market destinations open.
Advanced grading systems
Major growers in Australia now have the latest state-of-the-art cherry grading systems—equal to the best in the world.
The new grading systems will place Australian cherry packers in a competitive place in regard to quality.
Travelling workers
The backpacker or travelling worker situation remains unresolved, with governments fiddling at the edges of the problem.
What is needed is a dedicated AgVisa to allow people to come here and work and be taxed fairly, and not be taken advantage of by unscrupulous labour-hire companies.
USA solid production and export year
USA this year had a solid production and export season as shown in the attachment from B.J. Thurlby of NorthWest Cherries (courtesy of John Baker form Produce Marketing Australia) check out the comprehensive report (PDF).

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