Crop/Growth management

Manage soils & water to control tree growth & increase productivity (part 2)

Management of the soil definitely effects root development. It is well known that roots of mature deciduous fruit trees grow in flushes. The end of the initial peak in root growth usually corresponds with the beginning of active shoot growth.

Cherry season almost over in British Columbia

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It's now late August and the last of the season’s cherries are appearing in farmers markets and in supermarkets in Vancouver Canada, and in Fairbanks Alaska. During a recent visit it was good to get a feed of fresh cherries. Prices ranged from Can$ 2.98 to $5.98 per pound. Flavour…

Manage soils & water to control tree growth & increase productivity

In a fruit tree, the yield of fruit results from a balance between vegetative growth and associated fruiting. The production of fruit is tied to management which affects how the tree’s resources (e.g. photosynthates, water, nutrients and hormones) are distributed throughout the tree.

Learn from US record cherry harvest

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Sweet cherry sales data from the USA show they've had a record harvest.

Make bees forage further for longer

  Honeybees typically prefer to forage relatively close to their hives, and selectively target flowers that offer the most plentiful stores of pollen and nectar.

Waiken®—the ultimate dormancy management tool

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For ideal dormancy management in apple and cherry crops, Waiken® puts you back in control.

Budbreaker— a unique alternative dormancy breaker

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The use of Cyanamide (for example Dormex) to promote and even-out bud burst is well accepted across horticultural crops.

Reflecting heat in winter may boost chill hours

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InSense is running a research trial aimed at helping fruit growers boost crop yields by increasing chill accumulation in trees.

Time to cast a critical eye over cherry trees

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It's time to inspect your cherry orchard and to look at trees with a diagnostic eye.

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