Written by  Franklin Trouw

Voen: unique, proven rain control system

There has been many attempts to install rain covers over cherries in the past, but none have proved successful. VOEN Vohringer GmbH &Co KG of Germany, in association with Trouw Horticulture have been supplying the Australian and New Zealand horticultural industry with an effective rain control system for seven years, covering 320 ha of orchards.

Voen covers have improved significantly since first introduced into Australia.
New zipper system
Today the product also offers a zipper system that brings the two sheets together.
This saves substantial time in dropping the covers each season.
1700 ha world-wide
The Voen covers are used in many European countries and in Chile with outstanding results.
About 1700 ha have been erected worldwide.
Cherries—success in Tasmania
One large Tasmanian cherry grower has installed 60 ha of cover and has reported that it has turned his balance sheet around.
Cherries & berries in Yarra Valley
Trials on cherries and berries in the Yarra Valley have proven very successful with Voen covers, with greater yields and a high quality cherry.
The Voen covers consist of a P.E. reinforced sheet with vented flaps sown onto a hail net base.
This system controls high wind and heat from damaging fruit under the canopy, and it directs rain away from the crop, dropping the water onto the ground which keeps the cherries dry when needed.
Even pickers stay dry when picking cherries.
Can be folded at end of season
These covers can be folded onto the structure (hibernated) at the end of the season.
Cherries, berries, stonefruit etc.
Covers can be used on cherries, berries, stonefruit, kiwi fruit and tropical fruits that are affected by rain.
Self-installation available
Kits are available for self-installation or installation can be arranged.
This is a unique and proven rain cover system.

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