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Netpro works with clients to provide products that optimise the production of their crops.
Growers use their protective canopy as a tool—just as critically as they do irrigation or fertiliser.

Selecting the correct structure and cloth is imperative to maximise the outcomes being sought.
Effects of location, crop and variety
Each location is influenced by its topography and by its climatic conditions, for example by hail, sun or wind.
These factors dictate what size net to use, which in turn dictates the size of the structure.
Choosing the right net type and colour for your crop is essential.
Colour is the biggest decision to make when deciding on a protective canopy.
With apples, different varieties require different shade levels.
For example we generally advise not to place white net over Granny Smith in some areas as they can still be sunburnt. Red apples can have trouble colouring under some black nets.
Shade levels
Levels of shade vary according to the colour of the net.
For example our 12 mm Quad (used mainly in hail areas on flat structures) has about 30% shade with black net, 23% with grey, and 16% for white net. Therefore, the right colour is critical.
Water savings
Another big plus for a protective canopy is water savings.
We are regularly told by our clients that they save between 20% and 30% on water—very helpful to the bottom line.
In drier areas like Stanthorpe where orchardists harvest rain water or use bore water, water conservation is essential, especially in those drier years.
Water savings achieved under protective canopies can be critical for that end-of-season push for fruit size.
Improve fruit quality
The most important reason to put up a protective canopy is to improve fruit quality.
Your crop will reach the pack house in A-grade condition. The crop will have almost nil sun and wind damage—which are the main reasons that apples are rejected or downgraded in quality.
Some clients report A-grade pack outs between 90% and 95%, depending on overall management.
Consequently, picking the right protective canopy that has been well thought out with the right products for you and your crop is essential.
Netpro is the market leader after 25 years in the protective canopy business. We have covered everything from abalone in South Australia to lychees in North Queensland and kiwifruit in New Zealand.
When thinking about a protective canopy, think Netpro. We will help you every step of the way from conception to completion.

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