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Canopies designed for your location and crop

NetPro’s crop protection canopies are individually designed to your location, crop and variety.
“Our netting covers reduce crop burdens such as heat, hail, birds, bats, wind and sun that are affecting your final pack out,” horticulture projects manager Lindsay Adams said.

“Our goal is for the client to consistently produce a first-class, high pack out rate, from year to year.
“The design considerations we employ involve the correct type and colour of net for your enterprise, the varieties of fruit that are growing or are proposed—as different fruits require different shade levels.”
The location also affects the net size and structure choice.
“Once these factors are considered, canopies yield significant irrigated water savings, and reduced water, wind and sun damage,” he said.
“The structures are professionally engineered and designed to last.
“NetPro is the market leader in the protective canopy business.
“Our netting covers protect everything from abalone in South Australia to lychees in North Queensland to kiwifruit in New Zealand.
“When thinking about a protective canopy NetPro guides you every step of the way from conception to completion.”
Protection from the wind
“Windbreaks are a major component of successful agricultural and commercial operations throughout the world,” said founding director Claude Grayling.
They can help control erosion, blowing snow, enhance habitat diversity, control air-blown litter and dust, and reduce evaporation.
“For a windbreak to function properly it must be designed with the needs of the landowner in mind,” he said.
“The ability of a windbreak to meet a specific need is determined by its structural design: both external and internal.
“For example the width, height, shape, orientation as well as the internal membrane density will determine what effect the windbreak has on its surroundings.
“NetPro has had the pleasure to work on a number of industry windbreaks over the years and welcomes the opportunity to work with clients that require some relief from the elements.”

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