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Issue: May 2020
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Maintaining cherry quality after harvest (part 5)

Cherries in the orchard: Harvesting

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80 years of research in the Goulburn Valley (part 14)

After 1979 adoption of the Tatura Trellis accelerated in Australia and overseas.

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Water vs pear crop

Horticulture production in a changing climate faces the prospect of continued severe water shortages at regular intervals.

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Grower interests

Cherry season mixed results

As the cherry season approaches the final few weeks of harvest, it is becoming clear that although some growers in some regions were affected by localized adverse weather conditions, on the whole, nationally, cherry growers have harvested a good crop with few losses.

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Minimise superficial scald

Superficial scald (scald) is one of the major physiological disorders that occur during cold storage of apples and pears.

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Understand fruit trees : an orchard manual that enriches grower knowledge

Unfortunately the answers to many questions about why and how fruit trees grow and produce fruit are found in scientific journals. These are not written for orchardists.

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Products and Services

Fruit picking bags for ultimate support & comfort

The Bighorn Open Mouth fruit picking bags are available in four sizes—allowing users to select the ideal size.

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Protected cropping innovators—Netpro

Netpro creates innovative and engineered solutions to combat the climate challenges facing primary producers.

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The many benefits of CaTs liquid fertiliser

CaTs® is a clear liquid fertiliser containing calcium and sulfur that reduces the harmful effects of salt such as sodium in the soil, and it can work as a soil amendment.

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Protect fruit from sunburn, naturally

Now the smoke haze is gone and the air is clear after the rains, sunburn is a real risk to apples and pears.

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Harvista™—helps manage apple harvest

Harvista from AgroFresh Solutions Inc. is a near-harvest technology that slows the natural ripening process, giving fruit more time on the tree to improve in size and colour.

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