Plums orchard management


List of topics

  • Which rootstock?
    • peach
    • plum
  • Cross-pollination and fruit set
    • Pollinisers
  • Plant nursery trees of good quality
  • Your orchard starts in the nursery
  • What is the most productive wood?
    • cutting-back and spreading fruiting wood
  • Sunlight & your trees
  • Different pruning cuts
    • heading
    • thinning
    • bench
    • stubbing
  • Efficient orchard systems:
    • central leader
    • Tatura Trellis
    • Open Tatura
  • Fruit thinning:
    • when to thin
    • how to thin
    • chemical thinning
    • keep records
  • Facts about growing large plums
  • What is a Plumcot and Pluot?
  • When are plums/Pluos/Plumcots ready to harvest?
    • ripenting and maturity
    • harvest
    • determining harvest maturity
    • indicies including size and shape, colour, flesh firmness, sugar
  • How much nitrogen fertiliser, and when?
    • first year
    • second year
    • third year and beyond
  • How useful is a soil test
    • Don't rely only on soil tests
    • A place for soil tests
    • benefits of leaf and sap analysis 
  • Soil organic matter
    • why is organic matter important
    • relationship with organic carbon
    • amount of organic matter in the soil
    • organic matter and supply of nutrients, soil stability 
    • how to increase organic matter in the soil
  • NEW Crown Gall
  • Winter chill for breaking dormancy
    • chilling requirement
    • minimise the risk
    • tree response to chilling

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