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Collar rot and crown rot of apple trees, and trunk rot of stone-fruit trees (but rarely pear trees) are caused by the fungus Phytophthora.
They are among the most serious soil-borne diseases in the world.
Diseased trees are mostly found where soil type, topography, climate, and/or irrigation have contributed to long periods of saturated soil.

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There are several species of mites that infest pome and/or stone fruit trees in Victoria and they have different life cycles and habits that growers need to understand in order to efficiently manage their impact on crops. Bryobia mites are brownish, flattened mites with very long front legs.

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To produce early and high yields of good quality fruit, fruit trees need lots of feeder roots in the surface soil so they can take up plenty of water and nutrients.
To enable this, the surface soil should be deep, soft, stable, well-structured, well-drained, fertile, and cool in summer. Here are steps to achieve that.
The following steps will help you to plan any new planting of fruit trees.

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Fungicides are found to be the strongest factor linked to steep bumblebee declines, surprising scientists, and adding to the threats to vital pollinators.

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This is a series of articles on insect pests that afflict fruit growers in China, however, this one has been in Australia for more than 100 years but it is definitely an Oriental and most definitely a beast.

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The New Year is off to a scorching start. January 2018 has already seen very high temperatures around the majority of the country.

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Growers targeting improved productivity or better fruit sizing and finish, have found the combination of Screen DUO and Photon 500SG to be the ideal program over the summer months.

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When picking fruit, selecting the correct size picking bag is paramount.

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 The Agrilaser Autonomic is a fully automated bird repelling system that provides continuous bird repelling capability after a one-time configuration.

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Nick Sanders, AgroFresh’s Commercial Regional Manager, says while the stonefruit season is in full swing, the apple and pear sector is focused on preparing for another season, and he is pleased to be involved in both sectors.

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