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Bahco have released a new range of lightweight compact electric secateurs for professionals seeking precision and comfort whilst pruning.

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Management of root growth is an important method to control vegetative growth and production of fruit trees.
Regulation of water supply is a convenient way of achieving this management.

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The names of many insecticidal plants seem to come from a cookbook: mint, rosemary, thyme and clove, and they are proven safe for mankind and the environment.

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The Queensland fruit fly (Q fly) is a pest familiar to most fruit growers in eastern Australia and ranges from the high tropics to the outskirts of Melbourne.
It feeds on citrus, stone fruit, apple and pears, mango, avocado and a host of other fruit.
In China, there is a species of fruit fly with remarkably similar habits. It is the Oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis (OFF).

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Dithiocarbamate fungicides - Fungicides toxic to predatory mites

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Each season our trees work hard to convert sunlight into carbohydrates in the leaves and then at the relevant time to send this 'food' into the developing fruit to give us our crop.

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The FELCO 211 is a new range of loppers that offer an effective solution for cutting the toughest of branches with diameters up to 35 mm.

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Maintaining soil moisture at optimum levels can increase crop yields and profits significantly by:
•Maximising nutrient and mineral availability
•Ensuring fertilisers are not flushed from the root zone
•Reducing disease susceptibility
•Increasing oxygen levels in the soil
•Improving soil structure
•Minimising the effects of moisture stress
•Maximising fruit size and quality
Available water for the crop
It is important to realise that the same percentage amount of water in different soil types yields vastly different amounts of 'available' water for the crop.
An instrument that gives a direct indication of water availability (i.e. how difficult it is for the crop to draw that moisture from the soil) would therefore be much better than one which indicates the actual percentage of water in the soil.
Capacitance and some other probes indicate the percentage of soil moisture, whereas tensiometers (such as the Soilspec Tensiometer System) indicate soil moisture availability.
Soil moisture control
The combination of an accurate soil moisture measurement tool and a good irrigation strategy will allow for informed decisions to be made.
The record of soil moisture readings will also give an understanding on how changing conditions affect the water requirements of the crop and help plan future irrigation strategies.
Measuring soil moisture can be expensive and difficult, but tensiometers are still a simple, cost effective and reliable method to measure soil moisture availability, particularly when numerous sites are required.

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The renowned ARLP40 heavy duty lopper is designed to handle the toughest of jobs.

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