Stonefruit articles

Echoing consumer and public sentiment for less packaging waste and more responsible sourcing, the Visy Fibre Fruit Punnet is a package solution for apples, pears, stone fruit, bananas and tomatoes.

Published in Packing/packaging

Netting intercepts solar radiation reducing the amount of energy reaching fruit and hence lowering the risk of sunburn and colour bleaching of fruit.
However, netting also lowers radiation that is needed for photosynthesis and colour development.

Published in Permanent Structures

How pheromone mating disruption works: In nature, female moths release pheromone perfumes to attract males for mating.

Published in Pests

Stoller Australia conducted a timely series of seminars on plant nutrition and plant physiology.
Below is what Rob Jarek from Stoller Enterprises USA had to say about growing a balanced plant with a healthy root system.

Published in Nutrition

Netpro works with clients to provide products that optimise the production of their crops.
Growers use their protective canopy as a tool—just as critically as they do irrigation or fertiliser.
Selecting the correct structure and cloth is imperative to maximise the outcomes being sought.

Published in Permanent Structures

IPM–focused apple and pear growers, and organic producers will be happy to hear that Grandex Granulosis virus is in reseller fridges as a biological control tool for the management of not just Codling Moth (CM) but also Oriental Fruit Moth (OFM).

Published in Pests

Spring and summer storms are fast approaching and it would be well worth your while to have a chat about protecting your crop this year and well into the future with Drape Net.

Published in Other netting

Australian Frost Fans is the sister business to New Zealand Frost Fans, which manufactures the FrostBoss™ range of frost fans.
The FrostBoss range includes 2, 3, 4 and 5-blade models. With FrostBoss machines you do not have to compromise—machines with more blades are more fuel efficient, quieter and have better coverage. The FrostBoss C49 has consequently become the best-selling frost fan in Australia and New Zealand.

Published in Frost

Vigilance Technologies is applying artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and deter birds and flying foxes.

Published in Bird & bat deterrents

A fundamental dictum in aeronautics states that high aspect ratio blades (long and narrow) are more efficient than low aspect ratio blades (short and wide). Blades manufactured by Orchard-Rite have the highest aspect ratio in the Industry!

Published in Frost

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