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We tested four netting types: a white HDPE knitted net and black, grey and crystal HDPE extruded nets. All three extruded netting had the same fibre diameter and density.

Published in Permanent Structures

How pheromone mating disruption works: Oriental fruit moth

Published in Pests

Grape farmers commonly protect crops from insects by repeatedly applying broad-spectrum chemical pesticides.
An alternative approach is to use traps laced with highly specific insect-attracting scents called pheromones that lure pests into killing chambers. But not all insects have the chemical receptors necessary to respond to pheromones, so a gap in pest management remains.

Published in Pests

Stoller Australia’s products have a proven track record in delivering nutrients to your plants to ensure that your crop gets exactly what it needs when it’s needed.

Published in Nutrition

Another hot summer is on its way. Be ready with Surround.

Published in Sunburn

IPM–focused apple and pear growers, and organic producers are aware that Organic Crop Protectants' product, Grandex Granulosis virus is a biological control tool for the management of Codling Moth and Oriental Fruit Moth.

Published in Pests

Netpro works with clients to provide products that optimise the production of their crops.
Growers use their protective canopy as a tool—just as critically as they do irrigation or fertiliser.

Published in Permanent Structures

Last season saw extensive use of the Fruition Trap technology, in its second year of commercialisation, for attracting, monitoring and managing Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF).

Published in Pests

When picking fruit, selecting the correct size picking bag is paramount.
The Bighorn Open Mouth fruit picking bags are available in four sizes, allowing users to select the ideal size.

Published in Tools

KW Automation is a family owned Australian company located on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. It is led by Michael Weisenberger, a second-generation horticultural automation innovator.

Published in Packing/packaging

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