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There are several species of mites that infest pome and/or stone fruit trees in Victoria and they have different life cycles and habits that growers need to understand in order to efficiently manage their impact on crops.

Published in Pests

This article is not about pheromones but I will start with these because apple, peach and pear growers in Australia know a fair bit about these for controlling codling and Oriental fruit moths.

Published in Pests

New research to harvest pheromones from plants

Published in Pests

Providing nutrient ‘top-ups’ between fruit harvest and the fresh spring flush, ensures that nutrients depleted during the growing and harvesting season are replenished.

Published in Nutrition

Netpro understands the climate challenges facing primary producers, and creates innovative and engineered solutions to combat them.

Published in Permanent Structures

AIM Sales has researched what Australian growers’ value most in a ladder, and has nailed it in their range of aluminium bow and tripod ladders.

Published in Tools

Research on fruit trees began at Tatura 80 years ago. In this article we look at the early years, 1937 to 1957.

Published in Crop/Growth management

A team of European scientists aim to use synthetic biology to produce insect sex pheromones in plants and fungi.
Semiochemicals (pheromones) are emitted by insects for communication. The most widely known of these are sex pheromones that are used in mating disruption—a core tactic in IPM systems.

Published in Pests

The time between fruit harvest and fresh spring flush is a good opportunity to ensure that nutrients depleted during the growing and harvesting season are replenished.

Published in Nutrition

Another hot summer is on the way. Be ready with Surround.
With record temperatures and high ultraviolet radiation last summer causing damage and losses in valuable horticultural crops, it’s time to start preparing for the coming onslaught of hot weather.

Published in Sunburn

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