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Control of brown rot of stone fruit is becoming increasingly unsustainable with the exclusive use of fungicides, especially during wet growing seasons.

Data for the pome fruit industry is not perfect, but it appears to be consistent. My observations of summerfruit industry information are that it can produce quite volatile results. I will therefore discuss trends rather than what is happening from year to year.

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Fruit of peach, nectarine, plum, cherry and apricot follow a predictable growth pattern.

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The control of Crown Gall by another organism is a great IPM story, and an Australian discovery now used worldwide.

Crown Gall Disease is caused by the organism Agrobacterium tumefaciens (updated scientific name: Rhizobium radiobacter). It causes tumours and cancer-like growths on lower stems and roots.

It was a particularly devastating disease of the fruit industry.

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Supply of consistent quality fruit to consumers is one of the major challenges facing the Australian fresh fruit industry.

An important factor affecting fruit quality is maturity and it is essential to maintain optimum maturity at every step in the chain from harvest to consumption.

Despite being a major driver of fruit quality it is not easy to measure and maintain maturity at optimum levels from farm to consumer.

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Have your plants been affected in the past by Crown Gall Disease?

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Michael Trautwein is a stone fruit grower at Pike River, north east of Renmark, with 44 hectares of irrigated nectarines and peaches.

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Stoller Australia is known for its complete range of liquid nutrients and specialty treatments.
Stoller also supplies some fungicides and after successful programs on trees in 2011 there is a lot of interest in treating trees at late dormancy with Stoller’s Lime Sulphur.

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