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Dry conditions across Australia and the restrictions applied to irrigation have prompted many growers to consider how best to manage their limited water. One option to consider is mulching.

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One of the impacts predicted for climate change is milder winter temperatures.
Most of our major fruit producing regions are planted with varieties selected to match the temperatures typical for each region. Low chill varieties for regions with mild winters, medium chill and high chill for regions with cold winters.

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Pre-harvest calcium sprays and post-harvest dip: The calcium from pre-harvest sprays must move into fruit through their surfaces, and only a very limited increase in the concentration of calcium can be achieved in this way. Therefore, most of the necessary calcium must move into the fruit via the roots.

Many orchards are now being developed on dwarf tree rootstocks with narrow row width and close tree spacing.
This is to obtain maximum crop yield per hectare with minimum input costs. 

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GV Custom Software are specialists, market leaders and the biggest supplier of software to the fresh produce packing industry in Australia.  Our preference is to customise our software to suit each business.

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GrowData Development’s bold move of taking their spray diary, (the centrepiece of their famous orchard management software) and making it available to growers on the Cloud for a very reasonable $19.95 per month, is proving very popular with growers.

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DNL Australia is dedicated to supplying innovative and technologically advanced processing and packaging systems to the Australian fruit and vegetable industry.

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To be a successful orchard in today’s market it’s critical to stay in touch with the latest varieties.

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Calcium is a nutrient that is receiving more and more attention from orchardists and scientists because concentrations of calcium in fruit have been related to fruit firmness and post-harvest disorders of fruit.

Gene transformation: Gene technology has commonly been used in agriculture for pest and disease resistance and herbicide tolerance, and most recently for developing a greater nutritional value in foods.

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