Stonefruit articles

Soil solution analysis will help growers to identify problems before they have any significant impact, and will enable them to modify nutrition and/or irrigation practices within the growing season and avert possible decline to their crops.

Published in Irrigation

By 1946 the peach and pear trees at the Station were well established and were full-bearing.

Published in Crop/Growth management

Bryobia mites are brownish, flattened mites with very long front legs.

Published in Pests

Organisational culture is hard to pinpoint, however, intrinsically most of us know if an organisation, institution, or business is a good place to work. We know if 'this is the right thing to do'.

Published in Quality Assurance

Pheromones are a special kind of perfume. The most well known are those produced by female moths to attract males.
Pheromones can work well as control agents against small moths where mated females don’t fly too far.
They are useless as control agents for large moths like Heliothis and armyworms that fly hundreds of kilometres in a night and mate outside any area treated with a pheromone disruption agent.
This is a tale of how certain floral perfumes have been developed for these long–distance fliers, some of which are important pests.

Published in Pests

Even when harvest is over, fruit trees are working hard, preparing for winter dormancy and the spring to come.
It’s an opportune time to replenish your tree crops nutrients and to ensure that when spring arrives, your crop has woken from its winter hibernation with its roots and storage tissues ready for the next seasons growth.

Published in Nutrition

From one year to another, it is difficult to predict how successful the next season will be.

Published in Tools

Research on fruit trees began at Tatura 80 years ago. In this article we look at the early years: the war years 1939 to 1945

Published in Crop/Growth management

European red mite (ERM) is a dark red mite about the same size as TSM.

Published in Pests

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