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It is not enough to know how and how much sunlight fruit trees must intercept. It is also important to think about managing shade because it is the balance between sunlight distribution and how uniform that sunlight is throughout the canopy that matters for yield, fruit size, fruit maturity and fruit quality.

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European earwig has a very broad host range, feeding on a variety of horticultural and broadacre crops.
Earwigs can be particularly damaging in stone fruit crops including cherries where they feed on stems and fruit. In apples, earwigs do not generally attack the crop, and are considered an important beneficial insect.

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There are many options available when investigating orchard platforms.
With today's modern orchards adopting high density, smaller, closer tree spacings, multi-person platforms have seen a slight comeback.

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The Inspired Ag team have had a busy six months focussed on continually improving their innovative products and services.
Responding to labour and specialised contractor shortages, the team are excited to have found solutions to these common horticultural industry problems.

It’s harvest time again and that means many empty bins coming into the orchard and leaving full of fruit.
Growers are looking at how they are handling bins and seeking ways to reduce cost and increase pack out.

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Fruit company, Van Westreenen in Echteld grows Kanzi apples and Conference pears on 75 hectares for the demanding upper segment of the export market.

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CaTs® is a clear liquid fertiliser containing calcium and sulfur that reduces the harmful effects of salt such as sodium in the soil, and it can work as a soil amendment.

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The biggest limiting factor in the tree’s ability to produce large crops of high quality fruit is the shade the tree casts upon itself.

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New Zealand Frost Fans announced the appointment of Rob Wheatley to the Board of Directors.
Rob is a highly experienced and proven agri-business manager with a demonstrated history of working in the horticultural industries within New Zealand and Australia.

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Grappling with how to manage the impending minimum wage guarantee ruling for horticulture workers?
“NZ has had minimum wage for decades so our grower solutions are ready to go,”says ABC founder, Sharon Chapman.

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