Stonefruit articles

The first part of this article was published in Tree Fruit July, August and September 2020, and dealt with the establishment of a 2D planting of apricots as an upright wall, at a moderate density of 1250 trees per hectare.

Autumn brings change to cherry trees—but what happens?
In simple terms, nutrients left in the leaves are being downloaded into the roots and stored there until spring.

Published in Crop/Growth management

Root and collar rots caused by Phytophthora species, a soil pathogen affecting stone and pome fruits, can cause significant tree decline and losses.
Periods of high rainfall and wet soils create the highest risk for Phytophthora.

Published in Disease

Post-harvest plant tissue analysis is important as it helps identify your trees nutrient levels and ensures you obtain the right products to ultimately maximise the quality and yield of your crop.

Published in Nutrition

Munckhof Fruit Tech Innovators maintains its leading position by applying the most efficient spraying techniques for fruit tree cultivation.

Published in Machinery

Leading horticultural specialist, Grochem Australia, has added a new organic fungicide to its product range.
ProBlad fungicide is now registered for suppressing brown rot and blossom blight in stone fruit, after demonstrating excellent fungicidal activity against a wide range of fungal diseases during the trial phase.

Published in Disease

Benefits of container-grown trees: Many transplant problems can be prevented and early growth of roots and tops can be markedly improved, when container-grown or potted trees are used instead of bare-rooted dormant trees.

Published in Trees/nurseries

Carpophilus can cause significant damage to fruit, both on the tree and postharvest, especially when temperatures exceed 20C after wet weather and when the fruit is ripening.

Published in Pests

Move fruit bins around the orchard quickly and efficiently with a Transtak® self-loading trailer.

Published in Machinery

Transtak aluminium orchard ladders and work stools provide the fruit grower with reliable climbing steps to tend and harvest fruit crops.

Published in Tools