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Vayego® 200 SC is a new tool for pome and stone fruit growers to control key pests such as codling moth, carpophilus beetle, apple weevil and Mediterranean fruit fly.
With a brand-new registration, Vayego® 200 SC insecticide from Bayer is now available to pome and stone fruit growers.

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For over 100 years, Crop Vitality has demonstrated its commitment to nurturing crop life through innovation, research and the development of sustainable crop nutrition for agriculture.
Our diverse product portfolio combines essential nutrients to improve soil health and increase water infiltration while maximizing nutrient uptake to address the challenges of modern agriculture.

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Innovation on the land is something Arnd & Heidi Enneking know a lot about.
As experienced and passionate farmers for over 20 years, they have faced and found the solutions to countless challenges on the land
One challenge that came up time and again on the Enneking’s Eyre Peninsula farm was working out in the field with cumbersome, corded equipment.

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Netting is a long term investment, and that investment quickly pays for itself in financial returns—as A1 packouts every season because there is: no hail damaged fruit; reduced wind rub and sunburn
water savings.

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Aluminium high tensile orchard ladders manufactured by Transtak® offer the fruit grower and fruit picker unparalleled advantages compared with other ladders.
Transtak have redesigned the ladder base and legs for increased tube corner strength that resists fatigue and cracking; and the coarser grip on the 76 mm wide flat steps provide secure footing and weight distribution while fruit picking.

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Every crop grown contains silicon—often in quantities similar to the macro elements N, P and K.
It has been known for decades that silicon is taken up by plants and deposited in cell walls, giving the plant structural strength by enhancing cell wall strength.

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Understanding the mechanisms involved in flowering and fruit set can help orchardists to manage crop loads, resulting in improved yields, fruit quality and returns.

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Multi-leader, two-dimensional (2D) fruiting walls are becoming popular with growers as an intensive production system. This article deals with the development of the tree’s structure, and setting it up for a long productive life.

Veteran fruit grower Joe Giblett well knows the threat insects and diseases pose to successful orchard production.
Born and bred at Bridgetown in Western Australia’s South West and having been by his father’s side in the family orchard since he was a nipper, today Joe manages the Red Moon orchard on the outskirts of Donnybrook for Casotti Enterprises.

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Polygro are coming up to 20 years offering turn-key solutions with crop protection products into the horticultural sector.
James Downey, National Sales Manager for Polygro® provides an overview of what Polygro can offer your business to deliver high-quality and safe food production.

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