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Consumers prefer highly coloured fruit. Consequently, retailers require minimum percentages of blush on fruit as delivery standards.
Modern stone fruit cultivars are bred to have a high percentage of their surface naturally coloured.
However, there can be substantial variability in colouring within the canopy, mostly due to shading—which can be more pronounced under certain training systems (for example the bottom parts of vase, or behind upright shoots in vertical leader).

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Silver leaf occurs mainly on apples and stone fruit in all growing regions but is particularly common in areas that experience damp, humid conditions.
Infected trees will develop a silvery sheen which is caused by light shining through leaf cells that are damaged by toxins produced by the fungus.

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NetPro’s crop protection canopies are individually designed to your location, crop and variety.
“Our netting covers reduce crop burdens such as heat, hail, birds, bats, wind and sun that are affecting your final pack out,” horticulture projects manager Lindsay Adams said.

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Growers and their advisers have a new weapon in the fight against fall armyworm, now that the APVMA has granted an emergency permit for the use of a pheromone trap and DDVP cubes to monitor for the pest.
Grochem Australia can supply the trapping system in accordance with the APVMA permit, giving growers an effective tool to monitor and detect the onset of pest activity before going ahead with an insecticide or biocontrol treatment.

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Transtak® Engineering & Equipment manufactures a range of trailer sizes to handle bins for different fruits and scales of operation.
Most suited to Australian conditions are the Transtak: •1500L 3-bin trailer •1500LE 3-4 bin trailer •2500L 4-bin trailer •3000LT 6 bin trailer •3500NS 6 bin stacking carrier.

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San José scale is an extremely important pest of pome and stone fruit. It is a sucking insect that injects a toxin into the plant as it feeds, causing localised discolouration.

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CaTs® is a clear liquid fertiliser containing calcium and sulfur that reduces the harmful effects of salt such as sodium in the soil, and it can work as a soil amendment.

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Munckhof fruit tech innovators aims to help its customers more effectively and faster in the future, by offering innovative and reliable spraying and harvesting techniques for businesses that grow fruit, nuts and olives.

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The new professional quality anvil secateurs from ARS Japan are now available in Australia.

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The iconic Toro Waterbird Pressure Compensated (PC) and Classic mini sprinklers are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia since 1978.

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