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Understanding the mechanisms involved in flowering and fruit set can help orchardists to manage crop loads, resulting in improved yields, fruit quality and returns.

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Veteran fruit grower Joe Giblett well knows the threat insects and diseases pose to successful orchard production.
Born and bred at Bridgetown in Western Australia’s South West and having been by his father’s side in the family orchard since he was a nipper, today Joe manages the Red Moon orchard on the outskirts of Donnybrook for Casotti Enterprises.

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Polygro are coming up to 20 years offering turn-key solutions with crop protection products into the horticultural sector.
James Downey, National Sales Manager for Polygro® provides an overview of what Polygro can offer your business to deliver high-quality and safe food production.

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After extensive research, SST has developed a new generation non-ionic surfactant that may soon become the new standard across Australia and New Zealand
Wetout® is a unique proprietary formulation of vegetable based surfactants that improves efficacy in every aspect while reducing unwanted negatives such as spray drift.

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The main advantage of canopy netting is that it does more than merely deter birds, it excludes them.
Bird netting needs to be hung above the trees to create a canopy.
Throwing a net over trees compromises the net as the tree continues to grow whilst the fruit is setting and ripening; and removing a bird net from new season growth is a nuisance—it can damage the new growth, and in many cases, ruins the net in the process.

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A common theme of climate change is the greater number of spring frosts challenging growers in both the northern and southern hemispheres.
Whilst average temperatures are rising, there are greater extremes in terms of hot and cold events.

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Crop load has been managed over the last 25–30 years by pruning and chemical thinning, followed up with hand-thinning.

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A new tool for pome fruit, stone fruit, almond and macadamia growers to control key pests such as codling moth, carpophilus beetle, apple weevil and Mediterranean fruit fly.

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Apple and cherry growers have greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity when they apply Waiken.

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A range of trailer sizes to handle bins for different fruits and scales of operation are manufactured by Transtak® Engineering & Equipment.

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