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Apply research findings to commercial orchard conditions: To encourage commercial adoption of the Tatura Trellis as a fully integrated system of orchard management, we did the following:
Scientific papers published in international horticulture and soil science journals, and conference presentations, were re-written for grower magazines, chapters in books, Technotes, DAV Research Reports and newspaper articles.

Published in Crop/Growth management

Warm, moist conditions that favour tree growth and brown rot also favour the oriental fruit moth (OFM).

Published in Pests

The incidence of brown rot and blossom blight is related to temperature and duration of wetness.

Published in Disease

Warm weather can stress many fruit tree crops, slowing growth and reducing productivity.
David Cavallaro, Business Manager, said Stoller Australia has a program that is specifically designed to help crops recover from stress, so they can take full advantage of improved conditions and fulfil their yield potential.

Published in Nutrition

Leaf testing should start early in the season.
Starting early allows time for adjustments to be made to a nutrient program, and for those adjustments to have an effect.

Published in Nutrition

Specialty crop protection supplier, Grochem Australia, has expanded its range of pheromone and trapping products to help horticultural growers manage insect pests.

Published in Pests

Mick and Kylie Carr purchased a 16 ha persimmon orchard next to their grazing property. It looked like a promising operation that would complement their grazing activities.

Published in Pests

When picking fruit, selecting the correct size picking bag is paramount
The Bighorn Open Mouth fruit picking bags are available in four sizes, allowing users to select the ideal size.

Published in Tools

Systems research: No single researcher could cover this whole field since a wide range of expertise was needed, as well as the great amount of work involved
We became a scientific multi-disciplinary team. We emphasised basic research, which we then applied to the orchard.

Published in Crop/Growth management

With rising costs and growers finding it harder and harder to find skilled workers to do the job, to do it efficiently, and to do it correctly—we believed that mechanisation was a strategy to stay competitive.

Published in Crop/Growth management

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