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We have come a long way with orchard systems in the past 60 years.
A much better understanding of the principles of orchard and tree canopy management has helped improve this aspect of fruit growing, and has greatly increased the potential yields.
But the future will require a significant higher level of precision in our management to reach those potentials consistently.
One important aspect of precision management is to plant good quality nursery trees for high tree performance.

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Despite learning to live with changes in protocols brought about by dealing with COVID-19 in a horticultural workplace, and the connected ramifications and implications taking place for the second season in a row, Nature does not stop or slow down—cherry trees are blossoming strongly, now.

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While harvested cherries are held in a loading area prior to transport, a hydrocooler will most likely be utilised to remove field heat.

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Plague thrips are a native insect that is primarily a concern when present in large numbers from pink bud to early fruit set. They can damage both pome and stone fruits.

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A leading Australasian food processing company committed to ongoing excellence in sustainability has become an early adopter of a sludge dewatering technology engineered to cost-efficiently reduce the environmental footprint of food, beverage, and wastewater treatment throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific.

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Frost Fans work best during radiation frosts when there is a strong inversion layer of warmer air.
Radiation frosts are characterized by clear skies, calm conditions and daytime temperatures above 0C.

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With cherry blossom soon to start popping, it is time to identify issues that have not yet been addressed and to act on them.
And as soon as fruit set is clear, assess the crop potential and ensure that you order enough supplies of cartons, nutrient and other sprays etc.

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Since cherry harvest timing occurs at a ripening stage where respiration is high, fruit deterioration begins almost immediately from the point of removal from the tree.

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Selecting nozzles to apply herbicides should primarily focus on reducing the risk of spray drift without compromising efficacy

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CaTs® is a clear liquid fertiliser containing calcium and sulfur that reduces the harmful effects of salt such as sodium in the soil, and it can work as a soil amendment.

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