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National and international recognition: The Productivity Promotion Council of Australia presented team members with an award for their contribution to efficient fruit production, and an award for a method of producing peach trees from cuttings to enable orchardists to grow their own peach trees quickly and cheaply.

Published in Crop/Growth management

A cherry is not an apple: Effects of water - The sensitivity of these skin cells to changes in the weather is further made apparent when the cherry is exposed to water.

Published in Crop/Growth management

Just when your cherry patch was looking magnificent, you turn your back and suddenly those healthy green leaves are not looking so good—they are full of holes, or looking a bit tattered.
Shot hole, latent infections of bacterial gummosis and necrotic ringspot virus are three diseases that come to mind.

Published in Disease

The codling moth is favoured by warm, dry growing conditions between spring and autumn.
Eggs are laid around dusk when the temperature is 16C or higher and the air is calm.

Published in Pests

Summer trunk canker is more common during prolonged wet, windy spring and summer seasons on soils that are poorly drained.

Published in Disease

Extreme temperatures affect fruit trees and lately, the weather has been all over the place.
It can be difficult for plants to recover after damaging weather conditions such as excessive heat, hail, frost and flood.

Published in Nutrition

With the cool start to the season, we are seeing several fruit tree crops slow in moving through their phenological stages.

Published in Nutrition

Losses in fruit production can be due to inadequate plant nutrition.
Diseases such as tip burn, blossom end rot and bitter pit are all caused by calcium deficiency.

Published in Nutrition

“The establishment of Screen Duo and Photon 500SG as frontline management tools has been a game changer for tree fruit growers in recent years,” said Jim Lyons of Sipcam.

Published in Sunburn

Unfortunately the answers to many questions about why and how fruit trees grow and produce fruit are found in scientific journals. These are not written for orchardists.

Published in Crop/Growth management

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