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Transtak Engineering & Equipment has manufactured orchard equipment for around 30 years, and began manufacturing the Transtak® aluminium orchard ladder range in the early 1990s.

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Unfortunately the answers to many questions about why and how fruit trees grow and produce fruit are found in scientific journals. These are not written for orchardists.

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Fresh produce is a unique industry and a customised software solution allows you to tailor it to suit your operations and can be much more efficient than off-the-shelf software.

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Ceravolo Orchards are a family run business who take immense pride in the quality of their produce.

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ABC Software, a specialist horticulture software company, has been quick off the mark to ensure its ABCgrower meets the new Australian Horticulture Award overtime entitlements for casual workers.

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Solution found in systems research: Close planting, tree arrangement, a support structure and an emphasis on tree training, provided those solutions.

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Powdery mildew outbreaks are most likely to occur in spring and early summer and again in autumn if new growth occurs. Rust is favoured by warm weather with periods of rain and heavy dews.

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Repeated use of the same class of pesticides can cause undesirable changes in the gene pool of a pest, leading to another form of artificial selection—pesticide resistance.

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An application of Stoller’s BudFeed Plus is a fantastic way to kickstart tree growth this season.

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Grochem Australia is proud to introduce the first unique WG formulation of Myclobutanil.

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