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Netpro are the ‘go-to’ company for horticulture structures.

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The brand Harvestwear is well known in the New Zealand horticulture industry and in many other countries, for products that are well designed, durable and tough, and that make the job of harvesting fruit easier.

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Munckhof celebrates 50 years of Pluk-O-Trak with a special Anniversary Edition

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Harvista from AgroFresh Solutions Inc. is a near-harvest technology that slows the natural ripening process, giving fruit more time on the tree to improve in size and colour.

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After 1979 adoption of the Tatura Trellis accelerated in Australia and overseas.

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Superficial scald (scald) is one of the major physiological disorders that occur during cold storage of apples and pears.

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The Bighorn Open Mouth fruit picking bags are available in four sizes—allowing users to select the ideal size.

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CaTs® is a clear liquid fertiliser containing calcium and sulfur that reduces the harmful effects of salt such as sodium in the soil, and it can work as a soil amendment.

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Netpro creates innovative and engineered solutions to combat the climate challenges facing primary producers.

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Now the smoke haze is gone and the air is clear after the rains, sunburn is a real risk to apples and pears.

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