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Deciduous fruit trees need sufficient winter chilling during dormancy for satisfactory bud break, fruit set and tree growth.

Chemical growth regulators are being used extensively in controlling excessive shoot growth and enhancing the production of deciduous fruit trees.

Published in Crop/Growth management

In China, there is a species of fruit fly with remarkably similar habits to Qfly. It is the Oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis (OFF).

Published in Pests

Once the tree has settled after harvest, there is a good opportunity to provide food, especially if the tree is in storage mode.
The tree stores reserves in the roots and woody tissue and these reserves are critical to healthy growth in the spring.

Published in Nutrition

Smartgreen Bioscience Pty Ltd has recently registered three new pheromone mating disruption products: PheroKlip CM, PheroKlip OFM and PheroKlip CM/OFM.
PheroKlip dispensers have the same active ingredient content, release rate and field life as the old competitive formulation but they have a different shape.

Published in Pests

Stuart Douglass has Western Australia's only orchard of traditional old–world cider apple varieties.
These European style, high chill apples are specially grown for cider production (real cider). There are 15 varieties in the orchard with key varieties being Yarlington Mill, Browns Apple and Dabinett.

Published in Crop/Growth management

Application of Waiken gives apple and cherry growers greater control over bud break, flowering and time of maturity.
Depending on when it is applied, it can be used to bring forward, or to delay bud-break.

Published in Crop/Growth management

FELCO extends its product range with the release of two new models of curved pull-stroke saws.
The new saws will make work easier and more effective while sawing green wood.

Published in Tools

The Campagnola Cobra Pro has been designed and manufactured for utmost versatility in vineyard and tree fruit pruning applications.

Published in Tools

Recent expansion and investment in the Toro manufacturing facility is enabling local production of new and innovative irrigation products.

Published in Irrigation

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