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Under conventional tree management it is not uncommon to see 30-50% of spur and terminal buds failing to set fruit. 


Climate and soils of the Goulburn Valley (continued from last month)

Published in Crop/Growth management

Collar rot and crown rot of apple trees, and trunk rot of stone-fruit trees (but rarely pear trees) are caused by the fungus Phytophthora.

To maximise a tree crops genetic potential, hormones must remain balanced throughout the plant’s natural hormone cycle.

Published in Nutrition


InSeason Ag is a premium producer and supplier of agricultural films and fabrics.

Published in Permanent Structures


Helicovex® is a highly concentrated SC formulation of more than 7.5x1012 PIB/litre Helicoverpa armigera Nucleopolyhedrovirus (HearNPV), making it the most concentrated Heliothis NPV product on the market.

Published in Pests

In the 2016 season, high temperatures and UV radiation caused serious crop damage and losses in most horticultural areas.

Published in Sunburn

Pollination is complete, the fruit buds have formed and the parrots have just pruned the branches for you—not just the small fruit but whole fruiting tips.

Published in Permanent Structures

Artificial Spur Extinction (ASE) is a crop load management method using bud thinning techniques to precisely define where and how much fruit is set on each limb of the tree.

The production of fruit is tied to management which affects how the tree’s resources (e.g. photosynthates, water, nutrients and hormones) are distributed throughout the tree.

Published in Crop/Growth management

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