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Tree Fruit June 2020

Tree Fruit June 2020

Tree Fruit

The growers' magazine: apple, cherry, stonefruit, pear  

Issue: July 2020  

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The July  issue of Tree Fruit is now out (see attached).
I hope you enjoy it.

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Managing crop load in deciduous trees

Irregularity in cropping is a major economic constraint in many fruit tree orchards. Understanding the mechanisms involved in flowering and fruit set can help orchardists to manage crop loads, resulting in improved yields, fruit quality and returns.

Flower initiation and bud quality...

Research: nitrogen in cherry orchards

In a recent video*, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) researchers Dr Nigel Swarts and Dr Peter Quin talk about new research findings that may change the way we manage nitrogen fertiliser in cherry...

Nectarine colour development & quality (part 2)

Observations: Fruit size was not affected by light exposure or tree side, only by the number of fruits, with the low crop load showing the bigger fruit, as expected.
Blush colour was affected differently...

Water vs pear crop (part 6)

In addition to the strategies outlined in this article, conversion to drip irrigation offers an opportunity to reduce water consumption.

 Irrigation, water savings and avoiding excessive stress...

Grower Interest

How to reduce canopy installation costs

Lindsay Adams, horticultural specialist with NetPro, shares some insider information regarding the requirements for installing a NetPro canopy over an orchard, and keeping installation costs down.

“Our crop protection canopies are individually...

Spray failure: why it happens and how to avoid it

A critical aspect of growing any crop is providing protection from damaging pests and diseases which can have a detrimental effect on crop yield and quality. In this regard, pesticides play an important role. However, what happens when you apply a pesticide...

Products & Services

Transtak® fruit bin trailers suit Aussie orchards

Transtak® Engineering & Equipment manufactures a range of trailer sizes to handle bins for different fruits and scales of operation.

Most suited to Australian conditions are the Transtak:...

Understand fruit trees : an orchard manual that enriches grower knowledge

Unfortunately the answers to many questions about why and how fruit trees grow and produce fruit are found in scientific journals. These are not written for orchardists.

Grower magazines, seminars, conferences and field days are supposed to translate much of the results from the scientific work....

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