Apple Open Tatura

Apple on Open Tatura


This manual has been written for:

  • those who want to plant a new Open Tatura orchard with apple trees
  • those who must manage such an orchard
  • nurserymen who grow apple trees
  • anyone concerned with the establishment, management and performance of an Open Tatura apple orchard.

This manual emphasises how to:

  • Achieve a full and efficient tree canopy at an early tree age
  • Sustain optimum fruit production over the projected life of the orchard
  • Produce fruit of high quality and good size.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have used many drawings and pictures to illustrate the important points on how to manage apple trees on Open Tatura.

  • 160 pages of information, photos and illustrations
  • File download: 11.5 Mb
  • Updated and expanded: Jan 2019

    List of Topics:

    • Producing apples in the 21st century
      • tree density, arrangement and size
      • tree support structures
      • avoid ladders
    • Why Open Tatura?
      • V-shaped canopies
      • labour friendly
    • Do it right, from the start
      • success is determined in year one!
      • consider growth habits
    • Pruning
      • reasons, timing
      • pruning cuts: Heading cut - Thinning cut - Delay heading cut - Bench cut - Clean cut - December cut - Ring cut
    • Scion rooting of apple trees
    • After planting
    • When buds start to move in spring
    • Nursery trees
    • When you can not plant feathered trees
    • Open Tatura
      • orchard specifications: planting distance
      • methods of training: single leader
      • trellis & anchor specifications
    • Rootstock choice
    • Pollination and fruit set
    • Bees, their behaviour and pollination
    • Polliniser varieties
    • Prepare the soil before planting
      • pH
      • Apple Replant Disease
    • Soil organic matter
      • what is it, where does it come from
      • amount in the soil
      • nutrients, soil stability
    • Soil testing
      • don't rely only on soil tests
      • leaf and sap analysis
    • Spreading shoots or branches of young trees
      • crotch angles, what is a good angle
      • apical dominance
      • bending and arching
      • when to spread
    • Tree management:
      • First year
      • after planting
      • spring time
      • Second year
      • fill allotted space
      • Third year
      • add fruiting wood
    • The branchless multi-leader concept
    • Renewal pruning
      • 10 Pruning rules
    • Root pruning
      • best time to prune roots
      • potential problems
    • Crown Gall 
      • facts
      • control
    • What are burr knots
    • Turn blind wood into productive wood
      • heading cuts
      • double delay-heading
    • Benchmarks for marketable yield
    • What causes biennial bearing?
    • Tree nutrition
    • A guide to replace the nutient losses from harvested fruit
    • Nitrogen
    • How do apples turn red or pink?
    • Why do apples sunburn?
      • what you can do to control sunburn
    • Does overhead cooling avoid sunburn
      • some problems
      • better solutions
    • Hail net NEW
      • Net—positives and negatives
      • Bee activity
      • Type of net, structure, shape
      • Net colour
    • Calcium
      • in the soil
      • in the tree
      • in the fruit
      • what to do to ensure adequate amounts reach the fruit
    • What is water core?
    • What happens to trees after harvest
    • Winter chill for breaking dormancy
      • chilling requirement
    • Avoiding frost damage in spring
      • two types of frost
      • effects of fog, clouds and wind
      • monitor frost before is does damage
    • Avoid skin russet
      • guidelines
    • Water and stress
    • When are apples ready to harvest?
      • Nine maturity tests

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