Frost fans combat cold injury

Australian Frost Fans is the sister business to New Zealand Frost Fans, which manufactures the FrostBoss range of frost fans.

Frost fans a proven technology

Damaging frosts typically occur after a cold, cloudy day followed by a still night with clear skies.The earth quickly radiates any stored heat after sunset and an ‘inversion’ layer occurs with the air being coldest near the ground with a warmer layer of air above it.

Frost fans help improve yield and quality

Damaging frosts typically occur after a cold, cloudy day followed by a still night with clear skies.

Innovation boosts Tow & Blow performance

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Innovation is always on the mind of the Tow & Blow team. This past six months have seen the biggest advancements yet in terms of the performance of the machine.

Be careful not to freeze your assets

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If your crop could sail through the season with ideal conditions and zero stress, imagine what could be achieved.

Portable frost protection

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The Tow & Blow wind machine is a world first. Developed by Kim McAulay, NZ’s foremost expert in frost protection, Tow and Blow is the world’s first truly moveable wind machine - and is the market leader in terms of efficiency and function.

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